Art by Sara Yang

Gravitas: The Arena

Gravitas is a VR Arena-based 1v1 shooter.

Team 0G

Getting Started

The initial idea came from a minigame within the book Ender’s Game, where two teams battle it out in zero-gravity. Our group designed this game with that core concept to begin with. Over time, the game was fleshed out to become a VR 1v1 arena-based shooter.

This project was carried out in an agile format as a capstone for my undergraduate track in game development. We worked in teams consisting of programmers, artists, and sound designers. Each weekday, we would provide an update to our team members, and once a week, we would present a functioning prototype to the group for feedback and playtesting.

My Role

I focused on adjusting various systems such as the UI of the game to work well with people in VR. This involved designing the UI, discussion of how game mechanics like locomotion would work, and progression of the tutorial. Throughout the course of the project, I would focus on using the feedback to inform our next set of design decisions.

Shot at by a shotgun
Grapple in zero gravity

Weekly Updates

Each week, we would either present our work to the other groups in the class, or we would playtest our projects to a set of industry professionals that were invited.


Whenever we playtested our games, we would conduct a round of interviews. These interviews aimed to discern areas of improvement, but also areas that we did well and could emphasize in the future. We took playtesting notes during their immersion in the game and asked questions afterwards. Following this, we consolidated all the information that we received to inform our next set of objectives.

Snapshot of interview notes


Gravitas Trailer

Final Result

The final result of the game is found here.