Hi, I’m David Du.
I love looking into why things work.

I’m a second year MSHCI student at Georgia Institute of Technology.
I’m currently looking for a job in UX Research or Design following my graduation in Spring 2021.

Notion Repository

Empowering Communication in Collegiate Esports Teams

My master’s project involves researching ways that communication in collegiate esports is lacking and designing a technological intervention to improve upon it. Currently, I am working on the project itself, with most of the preliminary research completed.


Cryptiks is a word-puzzle game that focuses on solving anagrams in a 2D Rubik’s-like space. I worked primarily on the UI/UX of the game and generated mockups using Figma.

Art by William Boylan
Image by Ryan Winstead

Qode Cup

The Qode Cup is a QR-based application to enhance the usage of reusable cups and thermoses. In this project, I focused heavily on user research and methods for testing and evaluating the product.


Gravitas is a VR Arena-based 1v1 shooter that is based off the minigame in Ender’s Game. I focused on creating UI elements and programming.

Art by Sara Yang